Private limited company

The private limited company is ideal for most companies and takes as little time as possible to register.

Representative office

Register a non-trading entity to conduct market research and find new opportunities in Singapore.

Accounting services

Financial statements, tax filing, and management reports while helping receive reliefs and exemptions.

Employment contract

Hire a new employee and define your requirements and the benefits you offer.

Employment termination letter

Inform an employee that he has been fired and explain the compensation to be received.

Employee warning letter

State the unacceptable attendance, behavior or performance of an employee.

Minutes of meeting

Keep all important resolutions at shareholder or board of director meetings.

Power of attorney

Authorize someone to represent you or act on your behalf in legal matter.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Protect confidential information and create a fair business relationship.

Shareholders agreement

Describe how the company should be operated and how shareholders are fairly treated.


Ensure no one else can legally use your business’s logo, brand name, or tagline.


Get legal ownership rights on your invention registering a patent.


Protect works with copyright as literary, software, artistic and musical works, audiovisual materials and more.

Singapore PDPA

Bespoke data protection policy that sets out the procedures when dealing with information and data.

Withholding tax

You may be taxed a Singapore withholding tax if you are a non-resident corporation or individual based in Singapore.

Singapore Lawyers

Our experienced Singapore lawyers answer all your business and legal questions, even for very specific issues.

Sole proprietorship

The sole proprietorship is the simplest and least expensive business structure.

Dependant pass

Obtain a Dependant's Pass which is issued to family members of Singapore working visas holders.

S pass

Obtain a S-Pass for mid-level foreign technicians when your company does not have the budget to pay a high salary.

Personal income tax

We offer personal income tax filing services in Singapore. Let us help you.

Corporate income tax

We can help you file your annual corporate tax returns and receive additional tax breaks.


Own landed property in Singapore for 999 years viewed as long-term rental.