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If you are a foreigner or are relocating to Singapore with the intention of working, you must apply for a Singapore S pass. The Singapore government issues this pass as a work visa. You will not be able to work in Singapore unless you have this. Work permits in Singapore come in a variety of types. The sort of work pass required is determined on the nature of the work and your qualifications. Mid-skilled workers, such as journalists, accountants, and technologists, typically require a Singapore S Pass. Keeping in mind the foregoing, keep in mind that all work permit applications must be processed by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower is in charge of both issuing and processing work visas, notably the Singapore pass. This post will explain how to apply for a S Pass in Singapore. Check out our other guides if you want to apply for the customized employment pass Singapore visa.

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What are the requirements for Singapore pass?

All S Pass Singapore applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. You must be a semi-skilled worker. You must have academic credentials, such as a diploma. Technical institution certificates are acceptable. The course, however, must have lasted at least a year.

2. You must be employed in Singapore. Furthermore, your company will apply for this Singapore work permit on your behalf.

3. You will be paid a minimum of $2,300 per month. It should be noted that the minimum monthly compensation for less experienced employees is $2,300. Keep in mind that the minimum wage criteria for this work pass for a foreigner with more experience would be greater.

4. You should have relevant work experience in your sector or industry. One piece of advice is to not put off your application. This is due to Singapore’s stringent restrictions for foreigners entering the nation.

When applying for a Singapore pass working visa for the first time, the process can be laborious or complex. As a result, you must locate a firm that processes a professional work pass, such as Themis Partner.
On our website, Themis Partner provides various materials for the Singapore Employment Pass and Singapore Work Permit application procedure that will be valuable for both companies and candidates. Contact us today for a free consultation session if you need assistance applying for the Singapore Pass work permit.

What jobs are not eligible for an S Pass?

Some jobs are not approved because the Singapore Pass requires certain credentials and eligibility procedures. This means that applying for this work pass scheme is difficult if you are entering Singapore with a certain job. Even if you meet all of the other requirements, the Singaporean government will still consider you. Masseurs, bartenders, and hostesses, as well as food stall owners, are examples of these jobs.

How to apply for an S Pass in Singapore?

Obtaining a Singapore Pass is divided into three steps. Your employer will manage the majority of the application process.
The foreign worker is not required to apply for the Singapore Pass on his or her own. The employer in Singapore is in charge of this. He will be required to carry out the application. The application must be submitted through EP Online by the employer. EP Online is a web-based application tool offered on the MOM website. You are not required to travel to Singapore in person when the  application is processed.
For applicants, we have outlined the steps for applying for a Singapore work permit or employment work visa below:
In Singapore, you will need to write a letter of consent to your employer. According to the letter, the employer should apply for the S Pass on your behalf.

➤ Your employer must access EP Online and complete the S Pass Application Form.
➤ Documents for the S Pass must be submitted with the S Pass Application form.
➤ The S$75 payment is made by the employer. This is the application fee for the S Pass.

Every approved application receives an IPA letter. Your employer is required to provide you with this letter. The letter accomplishes the following:

➤ It gives you entry in the form of a single-entry visa.
➤ Informs you of the importance of getting a health check when you arrive in Singapore.
➤ Outlines all of the documentation that must be submitted when you and your employer apply for your S Pass Singapore Work Permit.

In Singapore, the processing time for this work pass application is approximately 3 weeks. You have 60 days after receiving the IPA letter to enter Singapore’s borders.

What documents are required for this pass?

For the issuing of your S Pass in Singapore, your employer will still need to submit specific papers. The passport information must be provided by your employer. This is in addition to photocopies of the passport’s personal information page with all changes made to it.
In addition, your employer must provide medical insurance for you that is worth at least S$15,000 per year that includes both hospitalization and surgery.

Such insurance, in the form of injury or insurance involving physical labor, must be provided for all employees. It is required even for employees earning less than S$1,600 per month. He must supply information on your immigration status or Short-Term Visit Permit. You must enter the address where your S Pass Card will be delivered by the Ministry of Manpower, as well as the Disembarkation or Embarkation card. You must also present the form proving that you have your health check-up.
Your employer will be required to submit documentation while applying for your S Pass in Singapore. This includes a copy of the completed work pass Application Form, your letter of agreement, and photocopies of the passport(s) with your personal information page. Photocopies of your diplomas and other pertinent certifications must also be presented. For citing married folks, you must submit a photocopy of your marriage certificate.
All latest corporate business profiles and Letters of Support or registration forms from a recruitment agency, professional body, or accrediting agency must be cited. If you are one of the specialists named below, make sure to contact these institutions for the paperwork you will need to supply.

➤ Doctors: The Singapore Medical Council
➤ Dentists: The Singapore Dental Council
➤ Occupational therapists, diagnostic radiographers, radiation therapists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists: The Allied Health Professions Council
➤ Pharmacists: The Singapore Pharmacy Council
➤ TCM Practitioners: The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board
➤ Lawyers: The Legal Services Regulatory Authority
➤ Football players or coaches: The Sport Singapore Association

How to obtain the S Pass in Singapore?

To obtain your S pass, you must be physically present in Singapore. In order to obtain a Singapore Pass, the employer must go through EP Online for S Pass issuing. Please inform your employer that a fee of S$100 will be charged.
When you receive your S Pass, you will receive a copy of the printed letter informing you that your application was successful. This letter then allows you to enter and exit Singapore while you wait for your S Pass Card. This notifies you of the requirement to have your photo and fingerprints recorded as needed.

How to convert a work permit to an S Pass?

These two permits are similar in some ways and distinct in others. The work permit is intended for semi-skilled workers who want to work in construction, manufacturing, marine, or other service sectors.
The employer should be the one to apply for the foreign worker’s work permit. The S Pass work permit is intended for mid-level skilled workers earning at least S$2,300 per month. The employer should also apply for the S pass, which is valid for up to two years. One of the key differences between these two permits is that the S Pass work permit comes with extra benefits.
The Singapore Pass permits the individual to bring his or her family with him or her to Singapore, whilst the basic work permit does not. As a result, many workers choose to switch their work visa to a S Pass work permit. To do so, one must first determine whether or not they are already eligible for application. Qualifications include, but are not limited to, earning at least S$2,300 per month, holding a degree, and having relevant job experience. When you are eligible, the conversion must be handled by your company.

Can you apply to be a Singapore permanent resident?

Because a S pass holder is allowed to bring his or her family into Singapore upon entering the nation, some may choose to seek for permanent residency in order to reap the benefits and pleasures of being a holder. If they are eligible, S pass working visa holders can apply for a permanent residency visa in Singapore. The application must be submitted to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). This application would take some time to complete because it would need to be calculated and evaluated using the ICA’s criteria.

What if an S Pass holder wants to switch employers?

Singapore recognizes all S Pass visa holders’ rights, one of which is the right to change companies or working environments. S Pass holders are permitted to change jobs, but only through the proper routes.
When an employee wishes to move jobs, the new company must apply for a new S Pass program. The employer processes all types of S Pass applications to guarantee that foreigners are legally working in the Singaporean economy. After such a long period, each application will be thoroughly scrutinized and approved.

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