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Learn more about Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore has had great economic growth, and the country’s economy is currently one of the fastest-growing in the world. This economic environment, along with superb infrastructure and a hospitable and helpful administration, qualifies Singapore as one of the world’s most appealing business hubs. Over 187,000 foreign professionals worked in Singapore under the Employment Pass scheme in 2017. This and other similar visas allow holders to work and live in Singapore. However, most of them put restrictions on the length of stay or the number of family members that can accompany them. Singapore provides a variety of passes to holders’ family members. The Dependant’s Pass is the most popular, but the Long-Term Visit Pass is an even better option (LTVP).

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What is a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP)?

The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is intended for an Employment Pass or S Pass holder’s common-law partner, stepchild, or disabled child. Keep in mind that pass holders who earn more than S$12,000 per year can obtain a pass for their parents as well.
Singapore Long Term Visit Pass-Plus (LTVP+) is a scheme designed for foreign spouses of Singapore Citizens (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR). Foreign partners of Singaporeans who have applied for LTVP are automatically considered for LTVP+ if they are eligible.
By allowing the person a longer duration of residency, this permit provides foreign partners of SCs with more guarantee of stay. They will be allowed to stay in Singapore for three years if they are granted. They will be able to stay in Singapore for another five years if their visa is renewed.
Remember that LTVP+ holders are entitled to healthcare and work benefits.

How does a LTVP work in Singapore?

If a foreigner intends to stay in Singapore for more than 30 days, they must get a Long Term Visit Pass. Different Singaporean authorities offer two types of passes. They have separate requirements and altogether different methods.
The Singapore Immigrant and Checkpoints Authority issues the first Long Term Visit Pass type (ICA). It serves as an extension of an existing Short-Term Visit Pass. Foreign travelers with Short-Term Visit Passes who want to stay in Singapore for more than 30 days can apply.
The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) grants the second Long Term Visit Pass type, which is available to family members of overseas employees who do not qualify for the Dependant Pass but wish to come and reside with their family member in Singapore.

Who is eligible for LTVP in Singapore?

As a prospective applicant, you should be aware that the LTVP is only available to Employment Pass and S-Pass holders. To be more specific, holders will be the sponsors of all members who apply for a LTVP. However, not every member of the family is eligible to apply. The following family members may be sponsored for a Long Term Visit Pass:

➤ Spouses or foreign wives
➤ Handicapped children over the age of 21 who are unmarried
➤ Stepchildren under the age of 21 who are unmarried
➤ Parents

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has also expanded the list of people who can apply for the Long Term Visit Pass to include the following groups:

➤ Visitors with foreign-issued educational degrees looking for work in Singapore.
➤ Visitors who are students at educational institutions searching for work in Singapore.
➤ A female tourist whose child or grandchild is a student in Singapore on a student visa.
➤ A visitor whose spouse (or common law spouse) is either a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) or a Singapore citizen (SC).
➤ A visitor whose child is an SPR or SC (over the age of 21).
➤ A traveler requesting permission to give birth in Singapore.
➤ A tourist who wishes to stay for an extended period of time.

Depending on the type of application, the LTVP permits holders to stay in the nation for up to two years. LTVP holders are unable to work unless they receive a work permit, S Pass, or a Singapore work visa.

Application process for Long Term Visit Pass

You should be aware that the application process for each sort of pass is not the same. Sometimes a process can be completed in as little as 7 business days, but it can sometimes take up to 6 weeks. You can always track the status of your application using your Foreign Identification Number (FIN).
It is important to complete the application form and gather the appropriate documentation. The Ministry of Manpower will provide an in-principle permission letter once all required paperwork have been submitted.
Then, before the permit can be issued, you must bring your family member to Singapore. A dependant of an EP holder must come within six months, whereas a dependant of a S Pass holder must arrive within two months.
Remember that the pass will only be provided once the family member is in the nation. When you make the request for the pass, the member must be present.
You will receive the notice letter once the pass has been issued.

What documents are required for a Long Term Visit Pass?

It is essential to gather information and specifics about your personal life and family. If you wish to get the pass, you’ll need the following documents:

➤ Current Short-Term Visit Pass or Immigration Pass
➤ Passport Information
➤ A Singaporean residential address
➤ A local address where the card can be sent
➤ Contact information for one or more authorized recipients to receive an email or SMS message with delivery data

To be safe, prepare and submit the following documents as well:

➤ A medical examination from a health center that has been completed
➤ Disembarkation or embarkation card
➤ A completed declaration form linked to the letter of authorisation in principle

How much does a Long Term Visit Pass cost?

It is necessary to pay a S$30 fee with a valid credit card and then wait for the LTVP to be processed.
Once authorized, you must pay S$60 for the Singapore Long Term Visit Pass LTVP. Keep in mind that you may be required to pay additional fees if they apply to your circumstances.

How to modify a Long Term Visit Pass?

How to renew a LTVP?

To renew your LTVP, you must follow the same steps you took when you first applied.
If you need to renew your ICA-issued LTVP, you must do so ten days before your existing one expires. If you do it with the MOM, you must do it at least six months before the expiration date.
Please keep in mind that applying does not guarantee you a new Pass.

How to extend a LTVP?

To prolong your LTVP, you must go through the same process that you went through to obtain the LTVP in the first place. This does not ensure that you will be accepted again.

How to cancel a LTVP?

It’s critical to understand that you must terminate the LTVP if the family member no longer requires it. The card must be returned to the issuing organization. The cancellation is quick and free of charge. It will be terminated quickly if you are the one canceling it. If your employer cancels the sponsor’s visa, it may take some time for your LTVP to be canceled as well. To cancel it, log into EP online and navigate to the LTVP section, where you can cancel the pass with a few clicks.

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