What are the duties and inconveniences of being a permanent resident in Singapore?

Despite all the advantages of obtaining permanent residence, there are some disadvantages:

➤ You cannot vote
➤ You are not eligible for government subsidies
➤ You are not fully covered by health insurance, it is essential to complete your health coverage to obtain reimbursement of your medical expenses
➤ Your son will be subject to mandatory national service

What are the different types of permanent resident schemes?

The most common permanent residence is through the Professional, Technical, and Skilled Worker Program for foreign professionals living and working in Singapore. This program is the fastest and easiest way to obtain permanent resident status in Singapore.
The other two ways available are the Global Investor Programme, which is for foreign investors who can invest $2.5 million in Singapore’s economy. The Foreign Artistic Scheme is for renowned artists in photography, dance, music theater, literature, or film.
Due to the tightening of Singapore’s foreign population control, the number of applications for permanent resident status has decreased significantly in recent years.

What are the eligibility criteria?

When a foreigner wishes to apply for permanent resident status in Singapore, they must meet certain eligibility criteria:

➤ Be the spouse of a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident of Singapore
➤ Be an unmarried child under the age of 21, born in a legal marriage, or legally adopted by a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident
➤ Be the elderly parent of a Singaporean citizen
➤ Be an Employment Pass or S Pass holder
➤ Be a student studying in Singapore
➤ Be a foreign investor in Singapore

How are applications assessed?

Singapore Immigration and Customs Enforcement adopt a point system to assess eligibility for permanent resident status. Points will be awarded to applicants based on the following factors:

➤ The type of work permit
➤ Length of stay in Singapore
➤ Marital status
➤ Academic qualification
➤ Basic monthly salary
➤ Age
➤ Family ties in Singapore
➤ Criminal record

Can you apply for permanent residence for your family members?

If you are married and have children, you strongly recommend that you apply for permanent resident status for them.
It is important to note that Singaporean law requires all male citizens and permanent resident to complete two years of compulsory national service in the military, police, or civil defense upon reaching the age of 16.

Permanent resident in Singapore

What is the procedure for obtaining permanent resident status?

The application for permanent resident status can only be made through the ICA’s electronic service. Applying for permanent residency often requires an extensive list of documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, all higher education degrees, testimonials from previous employers, tax notices, and membership and professional license certificates. ICA has created a permanent resident application checklist to ensure applicants have all required documents. Once the document checklist is completed, an appointment will be scheduled at the ICA building to interview and submit documents. The processing of the application for permanent resident status takes 4 to 6 months. If your documents are not in order, the process will be significantly delayed.

The online application process for obtaining permanent resident status in Singapore is as follows:

1. Log in to the ICA eService for Permanent Resident. You must have a SingPass account to log in.

2. Then you must select whether you are applying as: an Employment Pass/S Pass holder, a Singapore citizen, a permanent resident in Singapore, or an international student.

3. You must also select whether you are applying for yourself, your spouse, your children, or your elderly parents.

4. Download and complete the forms and documents.

5. Then you must complete the Singapore Permanent Resident Application Form. You can download it, print it, fill it out and then upload it back to the service or you can fill out the application form directly online.

6. You must also complete all other required fields on the online application tool.

7. Then you have seven days to upload all other required documents and submit your application.

8. You must scan all required documents. If you do not have a document, it is important to provide a reason.

9. Finally, you must pay the Singapore permanent resident application fee.

How do you get a positive response to your application for permanent residence?

It is necessary to meet some criteria when applying for permanent resident status in Singapore. These criteria that will help your application are as follows:

➤ Be under 50 years of age
➤ Be a holder of an Employment Pass or an S Pass
➤ Have worked in Singapore for at least 6 months
➤ Be the spouse or children of a permanent resident
➤ Be an investor

It is also essential to take care of your application. You must write as clearly as possible in capital letters and not make mistakes. You should also mention your diplomas, academic or professional awards, cultural activities, or volunteer work for a Singaporean association. It is essential to describe your duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments. You can also attach a cover letter to your application.

What are the fees to pay?

At the time of applying for permanent residence, each applicant must provide S$100 non-refundable for the payment of the processing fee.

This payment can be made by:

➤ Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card
➤ American Express credit card
➤ Direct debit through Internet
➤ PayNow

What documentation do I need to provide to support my application?

It is important to include several supporting documents with your application, such as:

➤ Copies of the personal data pages of your passport
➤ Copy of your immigration card
➤ Copy of your identity document
➤ Change of name certificate or voting certificate
➤ Copies of your educational certificates
➤ Passport size digital photo that meets Singapore's requirements
➤ A signed declaration form

1. If you are employed or applying for permanent residence as an Employment Pass or S Pass holder, you must include with your application:

➤ A letter from the employer states your position, salary, and start date
➤ Pay stubs for the past six months
➤ Testimonials from previous employers stating your position, length of employment and last salary
➤ If you are self-employed: a valid business registration certificate indicating the names of all business partners and all licenses related to your occupation

2. If you are applying for permanent residence for your spouse, or your spouse is applying for permanent residence for themselves, you must attach:

➤ The official marriage certificate
➤ Children's birth certificates or adoption papers
➤ Custody papers for children from previous marriages
➤ Death certificate or marriage certificate from a previous marriage

3. For the application for permanent residence of children, it is necessary to attach:

➤ A birth certificate or household census that shows the names of both parents
➤ Adoption papers
➤ Custody documents

4. Foreign students seeking permanent residency must attach:

➤ Copies of educational certificates
➤ Copies of vocational certificates
➤ Copies of any professional licenses
➤ Copies of parents' passports, including contact information
➤ Birth certificate or official household census showing parents' names

All documents must be in English. If they are not, they must be translated. ICA accepts the following translations:

1. If the document has been translated by the country’s embassy that issued the document.

2. If a notary has translated the document in Singapore or in the country that issued the document.

3. If the document has been translated privately but authenticated by the embassy of the country that issued the document or by a notary in Singapore or in the country that issued the document.

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