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Applying for a Singapore Work Permit is more difficult than applying for a Singapore Tourist Visa or a Student Visa, and even little errors might result in your visa being denied by the High Commission. It is best to seek the assistance of an experienced immigration agent to secure the smooth acquisition of your Singapore work permit. Themis Partner is well-versed in Singapore’s immigration laws and regulations. Themis Partner offers its clients quick and easy visa processing thanks to professional services given by our lawyers, experienced Visa specialists. With over 15 years of experience in the immigration and visa procedure, we have assisted a large number of people in obtaining a visa on the first try.

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What is a Singapore work permit?

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, yet its thriving economy, vibrant city culture, and a diverse range of job options continue to draw expats from all over the world. Whether you want to visit this South East Asian beauty for higher education, to get a career, or to establish your own business, the country has a lot to offer. Many people regard Singapore as an Asian hub for acquiring information and skills, with a huge number of multinational corporations headquartered there. If you intend to relocate to Singapore for work, a Work Visa is the best Singapore Visa for you. A work visa, also known as a work pass in Singapore, is a work permit that allows a foreign citizen to work in Singapore for a limited duration. To be able to work lawfully in Singapore, all foreign nationals must either a work permit or a work pass.

How to be eligible for a Singapore work permit?

To be eligible for a Work Pass in Singapore, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

➤ The applicant must possess a valid passport
➤ He or she must be at least 18 years old. Malaysians have a maximum age limit of 58 years, whereas non-Malaysians have a maximum age limit of 50 years

An applicant may only work within the scope of employment specified in their respective work permits and may not work for more than the allotted hours. Running your own business without a proper work permit is also unlawful and can land you in jail.

What are the types of work permit in Singapore?

For persons seeking for skilled positions in Singapore, there are numerous sorts of work visas available. You can apply for the suitable visa based on the nature of your work. The following are the most commonly issued visa types:
Entre Pass: This work visa is granted to overseas entrepreneurs who want to start their own firm in Singapore.
Employment Pass: This permission is for foreign professionals, managers, and executives earning more than S$3,600 and possessing the necessary qualifications.
Personalized Employment Pass: This work permit provides more work flexibility than an Employment Pass and is awarded to persons who earn a higher wage.
S pass: The S pass is given to mid-level skilled workers. If you want to apply for this pass, you must have a monthly income of at least S$2,200 and meet the assessment criteria.
Miscellaneous Pass: This visa category is provided to foreign people who are working in Singapore on a temporary basis.

What are the required documents for Singapore work permit?

➤ Valid passport
➤ Application form duly completed
➤ Education certificate copies
➤ Testimonials from previous employers
➤ Two new color pictures
➤ Detailed description of the sort of work to be undertaken in Singapore by the applicant
➤ Appointment letter from the company

What is the application process?

Follow the application process outlined below, which is used in Singapore:

➤ The applicant's employer or a Visa agency must file an application on his or her behalf. To apply for a work visa, they must obtain written permission from the employee
➤ Complete the application form and attach all relevant documentation
➤ Pay the charge online
➤ Once the application process is completed, you can check the status of the application on the Singapore Work Permit official website after a week

Take a print of the in-principle acceptance letter if the visa application is approved (IPA). The employer or agent must obtain the permit within two weeks of the employee’s arrival. They must specify an address where the work permit card will be delivered, as well as nominate at least three recipients and submit their IC/FIN/passport number and contact information.

How long is the Singapore working permit valid?

A work permit or work pass is often provided for a duration of up to two years. However, it may differ from the Employment term and is dependent on a variety of other factors.

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