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Learn more about Eviction Notice Letter in Singapore

In the event of a dispute arising during the execution of a residential lease, the landlord may have to send an eviction notice to the tenant to inform him that he must leave the premises within a certain period of time.
Themis Partner can help you draft an eviction notice adapted to your situation. You have noticed that your tenant has not paid his rent despite multiple reminders from you, has damaged your property, has sublet the property without authorization, has brought in pets without authorization, Themis Partner provides you with a model eviction notice according to the difficulties you are facing.

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What is an eviction notice?

An eviction notice is a legal notice sent by a landlord to a tenant requesting that the tenant comply with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement within a certain time period. Generally, eviction notices are sent if the tenant has not paid the rent, but they are also used for violations of the terms of the rental agreement.

The tenant and landlord can first try to find an amicable solution. If no solution can be found, the landlord can terminate the agreement, resulting in the eviction of the tenant.

Why send an eviction notice to your tenant?

One of the most common grounds for eviction in Singapore is violation of the rental agreement. The types of violations that can most reasonably result in your landlord being evicted are:

➤ Not paying rent or consistently paying it late
➤ Damage to the rental property
➤ The lease has expired
➤ Conducting illegal activity that creates legal liability for your landlord, such as subletting to illegal immigrants

How do you terminate a lease agreement for non-payment?

➤ Giving Written Notice to the Tenant: You should always start by giving written notice of your intention to terminate the lease. This depends on what you had in the lease agreement. There may be termination clauses in there. Generally, the lease agreement says that the notice must be given at least 30 days before the date you want the tenant to leave. However, you can evict a tenant early, if your lease agreement provides for it, usually upon the occurrence of a specific event, for example, if their work permit is revoked.
➤ Send a letter as well as an email so that you have a paper trail or proof that you have formally notified the tenant that they must move out by a certain date.
➤ Make sure you have clearly specified the violation, any compensation requested, and the steps to be taken by the tenant.
➤ The notice must be served under section 18 of the Property Transfer and Law Act.

To summarize, you must include three things in the notice you serve. These things are as follows:

➤ Specify exactly what the tenant did wrong, i.e., a violation of which clause in the lease agreement
➤ What the tenant must do to remedy the violation (if it is something that can be corrected)
➤ What compensation you want if the breach has caused loss or damage

Themis Partner will help you draft an eviction notice to ensure that you get the best protection and benefits for your situation.

Can I get financial compensation if the tenant breaches the lease?

Before seeking financial compensation, it is essential that your lease agreement be properly drafted. Indeed, a well-prepared and drafted lease agreement will give extensive legal protection to your property and will guarantee the payment of rent, and will encourage a claim for sanctions against a tenant who does not pay the rent. In conclusion, it is essential to have all the necessary clauses in your lease agreement before asking for additional financial compensation in case of breach of the agreement by the tenant.

What should I do if my tenant does not respond to my notice?

If your tenant does not respond to your notices, we recommend that you contact a lawyer to discuss taking legal action against your tenant. Themis Partner will assist you in this process.

What is the consequence if no notice was sent?

If you do not send in the eviction notice form, you cannot begin evicting the tenant. First and foremost, the landlord must have strictly followed the proper procedures. If the landlord has not sent any notice, the tenant can challenge the eviction process and the landlord’s request, force the landlord to start the whole process over again, or the landlord will not be able to win the case in court.

What are the alternatives to an eviction notice?

Eviction is a drastic option that you can leave as a last resort. If the tenant has stopped paying rent and continues to live in the property, another option is to request a “distress” deed.
This is a court order requiring the tenant to pay you rent and allowing you to have a bailiff seize the tenant’s property and hold it until he or she pays the rent, or sell it to cover the cost of the rent if he or she does not. It also allows the tenancy to continue and the tenant to continue living in the property.

Taking legal action against your tenant can be complicated in Singapore, and we recommend that you hire a lawyer. Themis Partner can put you in touch with a real estate lawyer and a lease violation expert. Contact Themis Partner to get the help you need.

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