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Learn more about Employment Certification Letter in Singapore

There are many instances that may need you to get an employment certification letter from your company. Understanding who to look for when it comes to getting the employment certification letter and what to include can ensure you receive an employment verification on time and with accurate information. In this article, we’ll discuss what an employment certification letter is and how an employee can request one, along with examples and templates for both the employee’s request and the letter itself.

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What is an employment certification letter?

An employment certification letter is a proof of employment in that company. Employees may need such letters of employment to present to third parties such as financial institutions, government agencies or other employers. The document seeks to verify their income or employment history.

What should an employment certification include?

Employment certification letters are formal company documentation, and are usually written straight to the point. They typically comprise the company letterhead and relevant company information such as the company address. A standard employment certification letter may also include:

➤ Name and address of the company requesting verification
➤ Employee name, job title and job description
➤ Employment dates
➤ Employee current salary and annual bonus amount
➤ Reason for termination
➤ Name, signature and designation of the certifying officer

When is an employment certificate important?

While some cases require you to present only your payslips as proof of income or employment, there are a variety of situations where an individual or company may request an employment certification letter. These are some examples of when you may require an employment letter:

➤ You are buying a new home. If you plan to get a house, you may need to apply for a loan. The bank or the Housing and Development Board (HDB) issuing the loan may ask for an employment verification letter
➤ You need to adjust the terms of a loan or line of credit. Confirmation of your current employment and income can be used to determine if you qualify to adjust your terms
➤ You want to rent a home or apartment. The landlord wants to confirm your ability to maintain the monthly rental payments and an employment certification letter serves as a supporting document
➤ You have applied for a new job. Some employers or hiring managers prefer to receive a formal employment certification letter to confirm work experience information on your resume

How to request an employment certification letter?

These are the steps you can take to request an employment certification letter:

1. Find out who sends employment verification letters on behalf of your employer

You should first identify the person or department in charge of handling requests pertaining to employment documents. If there’s a human resources department, you’ll most probably send this request to an HR officer. Communicating this request across to someone more senior than you or the administrative officer in the office will ensure you send the request to the relevant colleague who can help you. You may also send the request directly to your manager or supervisor if it’s a smaller company.

2. Follow your employer's procedures for requesting employee certification letters

If there is a standard operating procedure for requesting official company documentation such as the employment certification letter, you may need to follow their steps. That may include filling out a form, sending an email or having the requesting party send a letter. When you know who you should send your request to, you will probably get the necessary information about how to send your request. By adhering to the steps as per your company’s standard practice, you may get your employment certification letter more quickly.

3. Include your contact information

In your request sent via email or done over the phone, make sure to identify yourself and furnish your contact information, such as your mobile number, email address, job title, department and employee identification number. By supplying such crucial information, the relevant officer can easily look for your employment history and craft your employment certification letter.

4. Be specific about the details that must be provided

To streamline the process and to avoid additional back and forth, check the specific information required by the party requesting employment certification. Include those details in your request so that the HR representative can include the correct details.

5. Give the recipient's mailing or email address

Employment certification letter can be sent in a few ways: mail, fax or electronic mail. When requesting for the employment certification letter, include the fax number or mailing or email address along with the name and title of the recipient. If there’s no one specific recipient, provide the company name or department as well.

6. Notify your employer in advance

As soon as you know you need to have an employment certification letter, you should make your request immediately. This ensures your HR department or employer has time to write the letter. You should also factor the time needed for the letter to reach the requesting party if it has to be mailed.

How to respond to a request for a employment certificate?

You may be on the receiving end of the request by someone in the company who needs an employee letter. If you’re tasked to write this letter, and it’s your first time, make sure you are familiar with your company’s policy. When it comes to requests by government bodies, there may be requirements for specific information. In this case, you should address all of them as best you can.
While you may want to send additional supporting documents, ensure you do not send private and confidential information or documents. Customise the letter by addressing the person or department receiving the employee letter. It’s also useful to include your contact details, such as email address and mobile number. As for the format, draft it in a standard business letter format. Keep the letter concise while making sure it’s written professionally.

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